Faded Dreams

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I know, I know. It’s the trend that wont die. I don’t even care, I still love ombre. Whenever I see any item with the faded effect in a store I immediately gravitate towards it without thinking. To me its the perfect way to have a pop of colour in your outfit without it necessarily taking over everything. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go convince my hairdresser that dying my hair pink is a brilliant idea….

Another Birthday Wish List

I hate it when family ask me what I want for my birthday. I almost never know what to ask for. Don’t get me wrong, there is always a (long) list of random items that I have my eye on at any given point, but usually just frivolous, silly, pretty things. Never anything I would feel comfortable asking for, nor would I want anyone else to buy me really. With that in mind, here is a list of pretty, silly, fun things that I would like for my birthday (but please don’t buy me! :) )

ONE/ Gold Hook on Silver Chain / MIANSAI / $120

TWO/ Woodgrain an Hour Watch /ModCloth/ $135
THREE/ Quinn Peplum / Tobi / $52
FOUR/ Finney Cap Toe Pumps / Tobi / $56
FIVE/ Little Helpers Jar / Cursive New York / $55
SIX/ Think Before You Speak Print / InflatedDeflated / $10

Same But Different?

Although the trend has come and gone over the last few months, I’m still a big fan of landscape prints. This Anthropology Greenfynch Settee, Padrina chair with it’s watercolour landscape and this Black Milk New York Skyline Dress are great examples of what I love about the style- how such a simple idea can make such a statement.

What’s the Time, Mr Wofl?


Once upon a time, I was one of those people who never wear a watch. I owned watches. Really nice watches actually, but I just hated wearing them. “Watches are so boxy and heavy” I said and swore I would never wear one.

How times change. The turning point for me was when I saw a girl on the bus wearing an old school digital Casio. There was a period when I was a child, that I’m pretty sure almost every adult I know had one of those watches. Instantly I was smitten with this girls watch; I went straight home and ordered one off Ebay. Since then, my Casio watch has become almost my signature item. People at work question me when I forget to wear it, clients compliment me on it, I have never looked back, nor did I think I would ever want another watch…. Until I came across the beautiful coloured watches from Triwa (No. 5). I love the bulky men’s styled watch in such vibrant colours! It’s sent me on a watch loving shopping spree and as you can see from my picks above - its all about whites and vibrant colours. Once I have saved enough pennies for a Triwa my next acquisition will definitely be the clever Mr Jones Cyclops watch which has to be by far the cleverest watch design I’ve seen!

Do you wear a watch everyday? Are you more into the slender, feminine styles or the bulky, statement pieces (like me)?

Grey Skies

When you realise you’ve started to run out of coat hangers, it may be time to clear out your wardrobe. At least that’s what I like to think! Recently I’ve noticed that I’m constantly running out of room to hang all my clothes - which is ridiculous because I don’t even wear half of them!

As a result I decided to sort my clothes into groups and only keep the clothes that I like or wear the most. It became abundantly clear while I was doing this that I definitely have favourite “go to” colours; one of the worst offenders being different shades of Grey. Around a fifth of my clothes are some variation of grey… But can you blame me when there are so many Grey goodies to be had!?

ONE / Rib Two Bob Beanie / ASOS / $17
TWO / Pyrameter Ring / Tobi / $12
THREE / Metal Bar Detail Envelope Clutch / ASOS / $30
FOUR / Misty Grey Nail Polish / Forever 21  / $2.80
FIVE / Cabana Stripe Duvet Cover  / Urban Outfitters / $79
SIX / Runway to Reality Heel / Mod Cloth / $240
SEVEN / Versus Open Back Print Tee / Nordstrom / $103