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DIY Decorated Chopsticks |

Just like sandwiches taste better if you cut them into triangles, noodles are enhanced by eating them with chopsticks. It’s a scientific fact! Sure, using chopsticks is a skill that takes time to master, but you know I’m right when I say that they certainly improve the whole dining experience! We always keep a stack of pilfered chopsticks in our cutlery draw for when we have noodle based dishes. Chopstocks stolen from our local take out store are fun and all, but we are grown ups.  So we need grown up chopsticks…. you know, ones painted with polka dots and stripes…. That’s pretty grown up, right?

DIY Decorated Chopsticks | highwallsblog.comDIY Decorated Chopsticks | highwallsblog.comDIY Decorated Chopsticks |

I don’t know what to say, guys; this project is pretty self explanatory! You’re going to need some washi/masking tape, nail polish and of course some sealed wooden chopsticks - but other than that, it’s all up to you!

Tape off the chopsticks at least 1/3rd of the length of the handle (the thicker end) and again at the very tip. Keep your lines straight and ensure that all chopsticks are taped at the same levels. Paint the taped area with thin, even coats of nail polish. Allow to dry in between coats. Once you have a base color you can decorate to your hearts content! Use skewers to stamp polka dots, paint lines free-hand or tape off alternating color-blocked areas. Go nuts!

You can of course, paint your chopsticks in matching pairs, but Pfffft! Fuck pairs! Make ’em all different! That way, not only do you get to be super creative - you also don’t have to worry about trying to match up your patterns. Just think, you will never have to dig through your draws to find the right pair. Grab any two and get busy stuffing yo face!

DIY Decorated Chopsticks | highwallsblog.comDIY Decorated Chopsticks |

On a more serious note: please remember to keep your chopsticks clean while you are working. Always use sealed chopsticks and try to keep your painted areas away from the ‘eating’ end of the chopsticks. Remember, these things have to go in your mouth, so keep it food safe!
DIY Decorated Chopsticks |


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