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My mother has always had certain superstitions that she abides by. No opening umbrellas inside. Never put new shoes on the table. I’ve subconsciously picked up a few of her beliefs along the way, but thankfully, black cats were always a-okay in our house. And I’m glad, because I never was able to resist the allure of glowing eyes against a furry little face. I mean, what could be unlucky about something so cute? What do you think? Are superstitions are a load of baloney, or is this post making you want to cross the street?

1 / This adorable skirt, suitably named “a LOT of cats” actually comes with a matching shirt! Cutest set ever!

2 / Speaking of furry faces, how could anyone resist this guy by Zyzanna? I can’t look at him in his glasses and tie for too long without breaking down into fits of giggles!

3 / You can practically feel the motion in this watercolor print by Color Watercolor - This kitty has places to be!

4 / Every good cat lover needs A Cat Hoard, and Faye Moorehouse has gotcha covered.

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  • she

    August 7, 2014 at 9:54 am Reply

    i must have that skirt.

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