High Walls now on Etsy Pages!

Every week I share a collection of my favourite finds from around Etsy. The online marketplace is one of my favourite places to while away the hours. So when Etsy introduced Etsy Pages I was pretty excited. The Pages are a place for tastemakers from around the world to collect their favourite finds that match their style and share them in curated lists for everyone to browse and shop.  It’s an awesome idea and  I am so thrilled to announce that High Walls is now amongst these tastemakers! Hooray!

I’ve been going back through old Oh Etsy posts and selecting the best of the best to add to my curated page, as well as a whole bunch of new finds! The usual Oh Etsy posts will still continue every week as before, except now- if you see something you like, you will be able to pop over to the High Walls page and shop expanded collections of similar finds, all curated by yours truly!

Guys, I’m super excited to be able to curate and share even MORE awesome Etsy finds every week! Jump over and check out the new page and if you have an Etsy account, why not give us a little follow? I promise you’ll love what we share!


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  • She

    August 14, 2014 at 6:51 am Reply

    Soo cool! I will be checking that out!

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