Sunday Sessions | 04.05.14


- My new hero is 27-year-old Spanish artist, Sandra Suárez. In  “365 Masks Project” she makes, wears and photographs creative and colorful masks every day and shares them on Instagram. I am in awe of her creativity!

- In honour of the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls, Buzzfeed asks: what if  Winnie the Pooh was actually Regina George? These strips are hilariously perfect!

- Everybody’s imaginary boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been animated to perfection by the amazingly talented artist, Carli Ihde. I just adore her style! Don’t you think an entire short film done in this style would be incredible?

- Students, Caio Andrade, Rafael Ochoa, and Linn Livijn Wexell have produced these clever “Not Available on the App Store” stickers as a friendly reminder that the most important things in life may not be on the App Store. You can purchase the stickers from their online store or you can make your own. I am so sticking these everywhere!

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  • chelsea

    May 5, 2014 at 6:41 am Reply

    Haha! That Winnie the Pooh strip is hilarious!

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