Oh Etsy | 15.05.14

Find ways to liven up your work space with these office staples from Etsy (via www.highwallsblog.com)

I’ve been temping around the city the last couple of weeks, working for a few days at a time in a whole range of different offices. The one thing I’ve noticed is the huge lack of originality in said offices. It’s got me rethinking my own home office. When you spend so much time in one place you want it to be inspiring! Even paperwork deserves a stylish home, so here are a few office staples that I think could liven up some of these boring office spaces…

1 / Pens are an office essential, so if you’re going to have a pen holder how could you go by this adorable Beechwood pencil holder from Chocolate Creative?

2 / Normal desks are boring. This turquoise Tressel Table/Desk by Seven Hands High is super stylin!

3 / Every good office (and desk) needs a Vintage Globe to add that little bit of interest and class (via 86Home)

4 / Paper & Clay  have your early morning coffee fix covered with this gorgeous hand crafted Coffee Mug. Definitely a office staple.

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