No one likes the look of a gloomy house which is probably why so many people utter the words ‘light and airy’ when they are planning out dream homes. Even if these aren’t phrases that you would use to describe your house at the moment, there is no reason that you cannot work towards making it a reality.

We’ve been looking at getting some repairs and changes done around our home and have found some really good tips to achieve a lighter and brighter effect within your home. You never know, within a few months it could feel like you are living in a totally transformed space!


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Consider your flooring
The first thing to look at is the flooring in your home. I am totally obsessed with wooden flooring! Quality wood flooring - such as that found at tedtodd.co.uk - can really help to provide a modern feel in your interior. Not only do they look great, but they reflect light when they are finished with a varnish or glaze. Thick, plush carpets can do the opposite, so its probably best to avoid these if you want the light and airy look.

Let in more light
You might want to look at ways to let more light in, so think about how you could achieve this. Skylights can be effective, but so can larger windows! Have a look online to look at some of the popular techniques and products available, and then speak to contractors to get an idea of how much it will cost in practice. This isn’t something we can all do (damn renting!) but if you can, it can make such a big difference!

Clear up your clutter
A very simple solution to the issue can often come from getting rid of some of the bits and pieces around your home. Clutter can take over - sometimes without you even realising it - so it might be time to have a good old fashioned spring clean! You may be surprised at how much you have that can be recycled, donated or handed down to another family member or friend. One of the biggest offenders in my home always seems to come from paperwork, so we invested in a shredder so we can safely get rid of the bits we no longer need!

Use reflective surfaces
Finally, have a look at the surfaces that you have around the house and see whether you could replace these or refurbish them. More reflective surfaces can be ideal around the home as they move light around more effectively. Heavy and dark woods can absorb the light, thus making a room feel more closed and claustrophobic. After you have done this, use some mirrors strategically to help the issue further. And besides, who doesn’t love a great big mirror?

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  • emma says:

    Lovely photographs, I am a big fan of this look! These are really helpful tips, I am redecorating at the moment so thank you for sharing!