Oh Etsy | A Home for Your Phone


If you’re anything like me, your phone is probably a permanent attachment to your body. It’s okay! You can admit it - how else can you check Twitter and Instagram every couple of hours? You need to keep up to date on everything, and your poor little phone gets tossed around from pocket to desktop to handbag to table. I feel bad for the little guy. What he needs is a fancy place to call home. Perhaps one of these Etsy treasures will give him somewhere to re-cooperate after a busy day at your side.

ONE / This simple and stylish  Docking Tray from Docksmith will look lovely on your table top (and could even accommodate your spare change!)

TWO / Or a contemporary Wooden Charging Station by Valliswood - complete with a pop of colour, perfect for your bedside table.

THREE / And my favourite - for the literary lovers; a Book Dock like this fantastic yellow Pride & Prejudice hardback from Uncommon & Nice

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