Sunday Sessions: A weekly list of amazing links from

This week I have been obsessed…

LINE ONE / When this series of incredible cinematic GIFS came across my tumblr dashboard I was totally blown away. Showing New York through a pair of Armani glasses, the world comes in and out of focus as objects pass by the lens and the results are breathtaking! 

LINE TWO / Draining my phone battery playing Threes evey chance I get. It’s a clever and sometime tricky sliding puzzle game and I am totally hooked! Don’t worry, I’m terrible at math, you only need to be able to match numbers lol! (Img source)

LINE THREE / If you follow me on Twitter (or Tumblr), you’ve probably noticed that all I have been able to talk about recently is Veronica Mars (sorry, not sorry!) After not watching it when I had the chance 10 years ago I finally decided to give it a go and ended up completely and utterly obsessed! I can’t wait for the movie next month! (PS. Is it bad that I just want to watch it from the beginning, despite only finishing my first watch mere hours ago?)

LINE FOUR / Crushing on basically every thing in the online store Purple Fish Bowl. So many animals and art prints on clothes! Eeee! If only all my favourite items weren’t sold out!


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