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Would you just look at these Baby Blues! This week when I headed over to Etsy I tumbled down a rabbit hole of wonderful vintage pieces.  As my favourite picks all seemed to fall into various shades of blue, how could I not put them together in a pretty collection to share with you!


ONE / Loving this vintage perfection in the form of this 1940 Bullet Bra from Bless that Dress.

TWO / I would only want a vintage fan for its looks, so a lamp like this Vintage Upcylced Fan Light from Moments Through Time is the best of both worlds!

THREE / Enamel kitchenware like this Mid Century Enamel Kettle  from The Weekend Shop are just so pretty! Love enamel pieces!

FOUR / Wise words (well word) on this Hand painted Chill Sign from Owl & Otter. Sometimes we need to be reminded to do this!


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