You guys!! Today marks our 100th Sunday Sessions! That is 100 weeks of fun links to pretty photos, clever projects, talented artists, nifty DIY’s and a myriad of other awesome things!  To celebrate this milestone, I thought we’d take a look back on some of my favourites from the past 100 posts! Thanks for letting me share all the quirky and cool things that give me the warm and fuzzies!

+ My love for geometric anything  went into overdrive when we saw Shannon Finley’s acrylic paintings.

+  We lusted over the comfiest coats ever from Dutch company Wintervacht who make coats from old woollen blankets.

+ There was simultaneous giggling and envy over these stylish upstyles by Guys with Fancy Lady Hair, a collection of women’s  hair styles modelled by some handsome gents with lovely long locks!

+ We were digging Moda Operandi‘s line of faux fox and animal scarves  that look like a cross between a teddy bear and a traditional fur stole. 

+ We contemplated rocking one of these knitted wigs by Louise Walker in one of many fantastic pastel colours.

+ We were amazed by Californian artist Noel Cruz work where he repaints action figures and dolls to look like real life celebrities.

+ These photos were everywhere, but  nothing was quite as clever as the Pantone Tarts photo series that went around a while ago.

+ Possibly my favourite find, I still follow the adventure of Maddie the Coonhound and her love for standing on anything and everything.

+ We received words of wisdom for the internet generation from Chacho Pubela’s ‘Grandmother Tips‘ - including such gems as “Son, don’t just tweet for the sake of tweeting” and “I don’t think your a photographer just because you use instagram”

+ From one of our very first Sunday Sessions, we were mesmerized by the cinematic GIF’s by From Me to You!


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