Sunday Sessions: 27.10.13


LINE ONE /  Of all the awesome Halloween DIY’s that have been floating around the last couple of weeks, these Origami Ghost Boxes from Mr Printables is definitely my favourite! So perfectly simple and effective! I love it!

LINE TWO / Adorable as they are, Blyth Dolls have never been up my alley, however I am totally captivated by Flickr user  I.G. (Sirenita)‘s custom painted sugar skull dolls. I can’t stop staring at them, they are just so amazingly beautiful.

LINE THREE /  JW Ocker lives with two skeletons. He bought one for Halloween last year and they became fast friends. This year he added a second boney friend to the family and he and his wife have been documenting their every-day adventures. Now I want to live with a skeleton.

LINE FOUR / Halloween Sugar Cookies. Whats not to love?

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