Sunday Sessions: 15.09.13

September 15, 2013

Sunday Sessions: A Weekly List of Awesome things |

ONE / Oh. My God. Is it a coffee table birdcage or is it a bird cage coffee table?  I’m not entirely sure, but either way I am SO smitten with the idea from Gregory Lafforest. Sure, you  would have to clean it out every other day to keep it this beautiful, but c’mon - like you wouldn’t feel like a disney princess with little birds serenading you while you enjoyed your coffee.

TWO / When I was a child, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with pottery.   I would make little clay animals kind of like these puppies by  Berlin / Stockholm based artist Eleonor Boström. I love the quirky and raw finish on each piece, it invokes warm memories of my messy, clay filled, afternoons of my childhood.

THREE / It’s a well known fact that all photos look better in black and white, but French photographer Benoit Courti has taken this concept to a whole new level. The striking contrast between the bold light and dark in each image. You can follow his stunning photo series on FlickrTumblr, and on his website, definitely worth a close look!

FOURWintervacht is small Dutch company that makes coats from old woolen blankets; how great is that?! I bet each coat is so lovely and cozy, like someone had pre-worn each one in for you before you purchased it.

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