Sunday Sessions: 08.09.13

September 8, 2013

Sunday Sessions: Quirky Cool |

LINE ONE / Ahh this is awesome! Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks released a series of wonderful drawings where she illustrates the face and her 4-year-old daughter adds the body, with creative results.

LINE TWO / Ummm… hello there shiny lovelies! These Balenciaga leggings kind of look like sexy transformer legs and I’m totally into it! But at US$100,000 a pair, I think I’ll have to hope for some cheap re-productions!

LINE THREE / Brighton-based photographer, Joseph Ford joined forces with art director Stephanie Buisseret and stylist Mario Faundez and came up with this amazing photo series pairing aerial landscape photography and the detailed fashion photos creating a seamless single picture. These really have to be seen in their entirety to appreciate the full impact!

LINE FOUR / Titled ‘Segundas Pieles‘ (Second Skins), this series of animals by Miguel Vallinas takes the ol’ animals in clothes idea and adds a little extra something. Each animal’s styling and posture perfectly portrays a whole personality in a way I haven’t seen before. In short, I love them!

What say you?