Oh Etsy: 04.09.13

September 5, 2013

Oh Etsy: Spirit Animals | www.highwallsblog.com

According to pagan beliefs, spirit animals or totems are meant to be a representation of the personal traits that you are supposed to have. As an animal lover, I like the concept of aspiring to have characteristics normally associated with animals - it’s kind of like Chinese horoscopes, clearly defined traits upon which you can compare yourself against. Only, with the modern day practice of self professed spirit animals  - you can choose whatever you want! What animal would you choose? Deep down, I think I would probably be something boring like a cat, but the vanity in me totally wants something more wild and exotic. And there certainly is plenty of inspiration from Etsy artists and designers if you are looking to choose a spirit animal for yourself…

ONE/ Please check out the full image of the print Chickadee Love from Teva Kiwi - there is so much amazing colour and detail in the image, I’m completely in awe!

TWO/ Oh my- the critters on  Laura Berger‘s print Spirit Guides are so freakin adorable I can hardly stand it! 

THREE/ I’ve always been a fan of the totems over at le animale like this little Le Red Fat Fox Totem - foxes would be the best spirit animal!

FOUR/ I had trouble choosing my favourite animal pin from The Knotty Owl, but eventually I managed to settle on this perfect Spirit Bear Pin. I would love to rock this little guy on my jacket!

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