Sunday Sessions; a weekly link list of great things

LINE ONE/French artist Mademoiselle Maurice  created these colourful installations from 30,000 folded components. She relied on help from school children and people living in nearby “leisure centers” to help complete all of the pieces and I have to say the results are stunning!

LINE TWO/ I would love to rock a quirky suitcase from Williams British Handmade the next time I go on holidays. Each item is produced by hand, with all stitching completed by hand! I can only imagine how confused the baggage handlers would be receiving these at the airport! 

LINE THREE/ I’m so digging these crazy Animal Socks from The White Pepper. I might even grab a pair of each style to make me giggle while they keep my feet warm this winter.

LINE FOUR/ These clever portraits from New York based artist Nathan Manire are so wonderful. When you look at them close up they seem to be simply a collection of pretty dots, but if you take a look from far away they suddenly form into shaded portraits. Either way you look at them they are beautiful!

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