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follow2 As you probably know, Google recently announced that their Google Reader feature is being phased out over the coming months. Already, many people have decided to make the move and find a new RSS reader to keep track of all their daily reads. But with so many different services on offer, like Bloglovin’Feedly and Flipboard, which do you choose to replace the user friendly Google option?

I don’t use readers as much as I should. I follow so many blogs, but I have  tendency to visit each individual blog instead of grouping them all in one place. I always forget that I have a perfectly good Bloglovin’ account that has all my favourites listed for easy reading. I guess I just like visiting the individual pages and looking at the pretty layouts and designs :)

What about you? How do you follow your favourite blogs? Do you use an RSS feed, email subscriptions or just visit the pages individually?


  • sara strauss

    I use bloglovin! it’s so easy because everything’s grouped together and you can even make folders to break it down even further. i also like the layout of it and that you can “heart” things to go backt to them later.

  • Holly

    i use bloglovin now but I will definitely miss google reader

  • Katie

    I began using bloglovin’ and I think it would be a reader you would enjoy. to read the posts it actually takes you to each site and to see the next you just navigate using the top bloglovin’ bar. I use to visit each site using my favorites bar, but this is so much better!

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