Almost There…

December 17, 2012

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Hey you guys, it’s almost Christmas! My December of Christmas adventures hasn’t really gone according to plan. As always seems to be the way when I’m feeling extra inspired, I have been crazy busy with work over the last week or so. After Blogshop last weekend I have been so extra pumped to work on my posts and layout. Not having time has been so frustrating!

Never mind, this week is my last week at work  while we shut down for a couple of weeks over Christmas. I’m finally getting back into the Christmas Spirit. I’m the biggest fan of Christmas so it feels good to be getting excited all over again. We put up our tree recently and decorated the living room. All of my decorations seem to have ended up in shades of white, silver and gold this year. Seems as though, even though there is no chance of snow here in Australia, I’m pining for a white Christmas.

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