Sometimes the smallest gifts are the hardest to buy. As much as I love taking part in office Secret Santa type gift exchanges, I always find it daunting trying to find a great gift within the low price range. I get a little too ambitious even if I’m giving something handmade. Sometimes I just need a couple of ideas to get my brain on the right track…With this in mind, I thought I’ve give a bit of inspiration of for those of you who have decided to take part in our Christmas Gift Swaps (or even those of you facing a similar dilemma with your own gift shopping this festive season.) All of these lovelies are around $10 or under and not only would they fit in an envelope quite comfortably (for easy postage), but I think they would also make beautiful little stocking stuffers.
If you would like to sign up there’s still time to join in the fun - just drop me an email at [email protected] with your postal address and I will add you to the list! (Full Details HERE)