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LINE ONE: These photoshopped images of Greek Statues wearing current fashions made me laugh so much when I first came across them! I didn’t realise that they weren’t real at first! (By Alexis Persani via Death & Taxes)

LINE TWO: As a Batman fan, I always love it when a new movie comes out as the interwebs gets flooded with amazing Superhero themed links like this adorable web comic Little League. There’s something so cute about little children versions of your favourite superheroes!

LINE THREE:  The fine art photographs of Christopher Boffoli show a whimsical world of enormous food and the adventures of this worlds tiny inhabitants. God knows I love photos with miniature figures!

LINE FOUR: Brilliant band Ok Go have always been a favourite for their amazing (usually one single scene) video clips, but I had no idea they had collaborated with Sesame Street to make this great stop motion clip explaining the Primary Colours!

Every year my work holds a Christmas in July Party where we have Secret Santa gifts, one of the managers dresses up as Santa and hands them out and essentially we just get drunk. It’s one of the social highlights of the year. This year a Canadian girl has joined our office and she is thoroughly confused by the whole idea. It made me realise that maybe it’s a Southern Hemisphere kind of thing? This time of year is our winter so I can see how the idea of celebrating ‘Christmas’ would have started, but apparently some people go as far as to go home and spend time with family for ‘Christmas’ in July? I always thought someone just invented it as a good reason to get gifts and drink in the middle of the year? So now, I have a question for you - Where do you live and do you ever celebrate ‘Christmas in July’?

Our party is this weekend and I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve been feeling pretty festive because of it and it’s made me start looking at Christmas decorations to stock up on for the real thing later in the year. Etsy is always brilliant for finding beautiful, original Christmas paraphernalia that you can’t get anywhere else (and frankly is much nicer than anything you can buy in a department store!)

As this week has been so rainy and grey, I have been craving a pop of colour in my life. All of the stores featured this week had so many lovely colourful items, I kept changing my mind as to which items to share! My Etsy shopping card now has around 60 items in it. God help me when I get paid next week!

Pulling these collections together is one of my favourite posts to write! I love trawling Etsy for pretty things to share (even if it is dangerous to my bank balance!)

ONE / Printed vintage sewing machines t-shirt / Mandalina Rossa / $40

You might think I’m weird, but I don’t actually like fruit all that much. I just don’t think it’s exciting. I eat it, but not because I really want too. It’s just not my thing. And don’t even get me started on fruit loaf! Yuck! I can’t imagine anything worse than some kind of icky rasin-fruit-type-toast. Blagh!  So with that out in the open now, I guess you’re wondering why I made strawberry loaf?
First things first: strawberries are not just any ol boring fruit - they are probably one of the most delicious thing on the planet! It is one of the few exceptions to my dislike for fruit in general, and boy is it the complete opposite for me! I would eat strawberries in everything, EVERY day if I could!
I’m going to be honest, I have made this loaf twice already this week. My housemates have been demanding more (there was nearly a riot when I took one loaf to share with my workmates!) This loaf is so ridiculously delicious I can’t stop eating it! Let me share it with you, so that you can also have a house that smells of strawberry and cinnamon for the next week!  Continue reading →
Probably one of my favourite things to prowl around Etsy for is art and illustrations. Recently I have been filling my cart up with striking products featuring (mainly hand drawn) illustrations… aren’t they just the best!? I love to see how artists translate their images into different forms. So Clever

1/ Wrap Around Fox Ring Greenmot /$8

Let me start off by saying that I am no expert on iPad’s or anything like that. When I first decided to make a wallpaper I figured that I could just upload any old picture as long as it was big enough and it would be fine…. but then when I flipped my iPad horizontally the background would cut off at the edges! Oh noes!After doing some research online and experimenting for a while in Photoshop, I finally managed to work out how to create not only the correct sized image, but a template that you can use whenever you want to make a new wallpaper.The most important thing to remember when making your wallpaper; is that when the iPad rotates different parts of the image are shown. You will need to take this into account when creating your image.

The screen is 1024 pixels (on the long side) and 768 pixels (on the short side), however your image needs to be a square shape to be able to accommodate both of these sizes. 768 x 768 pixels in the center are always visible but as I said before: when your screen rotates different areas of the image will be visible depending on the view as shown below:

With all this in mind here’s you are now ready to make an iPad wallpaper template (trust me, you’re totally ready…):1. Start off by using Photoshop or some other image editing program. Create a new image with the dimensions 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels (132 dpi).
2. Next we are going to add in some grid lines so that you can see your image divided into the areas above. Select the View menu and the New Guide option. Create your first Guide 4.6cm on horizontal orientation- a blue line will appear vertically down the left hand side of your image.3. Repeat Step 2 again three more times with the following measurements:
 - 4.7cm (vertical orientation)
 - 31.7cm (horizontal orientation)
 - 31.7cm (vertical orientation)
Your image should have an even border around the edge like this.4. Save your image as a PSD file so that you can use it again in the future - you now have a template for iPad wallpapers!
5. Now you can use your template to create images: Select a photo or image you would like to use (preferable bigger than the original image) and copy the image into your template. From here you can re-size the image making sure that the most important part of the image is positioned in the center square (like this.)6. To save your image select the File menu and Save for Web & Devices and save your image as a .JPG file.Hooray! Now you know how to make a shiny new wallpaper for your iPad! Once you have your template set up (which realistically takes about 5 minutes), you can make a new wallpaper whenever you want. I made a new wallpaper using a photo I took back in summer, but you could create an image from scratch if you are so inclined.

Never again will you need to use one of the boring ol generic backgrounds that come with your device. Everyone is going to be so jealous of your amazing computer skills!

PS. If you like the wallpaper I made you can download it for free below!
LINE ONE: I have a great love for well executed street art. It may be because I have never lived in a city where there is much around (well, not clever street art anyway.) Thank goodness for the internet or else I would never get to see awesome projects like this series of Monopoly inspired sculptures in Chicago’s Logan Square. Created by street artist who goes by the name of ‘Bored‘ (pun intended?), the sculptures are strewn around the city for people to find as they walk about their daily lives. I would love to come across something like this!

LINE TWO: I adore Meanz’s ruby outfitfrom last week - love the red and turquoise combination! I wish I could pull off heart shaped sunglasses like she can! (Koi Story)

LINE THREE: It’s hard to believe that these photos haven’t been retouched in photoshop! The salt content in Lake Retba (Lac Rose) in the north east of Dakar (Senegal) is so high that it creates the perfect habitat for a species of micro-algae called Dunaliella salina to live and breed inside it - apparently making the water  appear pink! Amazing!

LINE FOUR: I was blown away when spotted the amazing work of Dana Barnes over at the Anthology magazine blog. There is something about giant home made textiles that is so impressive! I think it’s the obvious commitment to each piece shown through the sheer size and time involved to make a finished product… Plus; they look just so super cozy!

What do you think of the new format? I’ve been wanting to experiment with different image layout for my collection posts for a while - how do you feel about this layout? Do you like the collage style or do you prefer to see the full images like past collections?
Anyway, enough talk, time to see what we have this week… *Phew!* I think this is my biggest Oh Etsy post yet! I came across so many yellow beauties this week, I couldn’t help but share them all!
The Hot Air Balloon Letter Press Card is so completely adorable, as is the Bumble Bee Hair Bow Tie from Oh Honey Hush. Did you see that the  Yellow Lace Leggings from Karmology Clinic are handmade?! They look so fantastic (as do their adorable product photos!)
Hmm… perhaps the Crochet Baby Blanket from Crochet By Jamie for my best friend who is 5 months pregnant? Or Yellow Decorative Throw Pillow Cover from Pillow Throw Decor for the babies room?
AND I am smack bang in LOVE with The Pablo from White Faux Taxidermy! My boyfriend always giggles at my love for white and animal decor. I have a whole collection of random animal figurines (which if they are not already white when I purchase them usually end up spray painted.) Obviously I had to include the fantastic yellow deer, but these gorgeous ‘taxidermy’ heads are pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! I think I definitely need one above my fireplace…

1/ Yellow Vintage Buttons from Miss Pink Robin /$3.50

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